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Resurrection flower (selaginella lepidophylla)

known for its quality of coming back to life ,the plant when not near a water source curls up

into a dry ball.when supplied with water the plant magically opens up with beautiful fern like leaves.

-brings peace,prosperity and abundance to a home or business

-protects against illness and all type of negative energies and vibrations

-use as a type of holy water to bless people or objects


first step is to find a large bowl enough for the plant to fit in as it opens up wide

hold the plant in your hands for a few minutes before you place it in the vessel

take a moment to feel the energy of the plant,

sit and pray, meditate or give affirmations to the spirit of the plant

after you charge/pray place it in the chosen vessel

then add water to your plant,light a candle near the plant(don't let flames get to close)

change the water every week so its always clear(keep this water for use later)

place coins in the water so your jericho rose always keep abundance and prosperity coming to your home or business

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