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A natural herbal supplement (40 vegan capsules)


DAMIANA LEAF POWDER-damiana produces enhanced energy, sexual stimulation and alleviates menstrual problems in women. It's believed that it was utilized most for treating fatigue, the inability to exercise, low libido and reproductive dysfunction.

CORDYCEPS-slows down aging and promoted youthful strength and stamina, it is believed to strengthen the respiratory system, increasing the oxygen intake thus providing the much-needed power and stamina. It's also believed to improve the blood circulation while regulating the blood pressure and inhibiting the formation of blood clots. The benefits of Cordyceps are numerous. The cordyceps mushrooms can help with inflammation, Asthma, Arrhythmia, Type 2 diabetes, Cancer, improve athletic abilities, Libido and age-related changes.

GINSENG ROOT POWDER-Potent Antioxidant that may reduce inflammation, Brain Function, Erectile Dysfunction, boost immune system, fight tiredness and increase energy levels, lower blood sugar.

MACA ROOT POWDER-Increasing libido, boosting energy and endurance, increasing fertility, improving mood, reducing blood pressure, reduce sun damage

HORNEY GOAT WEED-Chemicals contained in horny goat weed can assist in enhancing the blood flow and improving sexual performance. It's used for low libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, pain and other conditions. It also includes phytoestrogens and other compounds that reduce bone loss in postmenopausal women b acting similarly to the female hormone estrogen. 


What are the risks of taking horny goat weed?

Side effects. It is possibly safe when used short term at appropriate doses. But it may. It may cause upset stomach and dry mouth. In some, horny goat weed may result in irregular heartbeat, low blood pressure, nosebleeds, and mood changes. High doses have been linked to spasms and respiratory failure.

Risks. Always speak to your doctor before taking herbal supplements like horny goat weed. People with certain health conditions may be at higher risk for adverse side effects.

Interactions. If you take any medicines or supplements regularly, talk to your doctor before you start using horny goat weed. It could interact with drugs including some blood thinners, aspirin, birth control pills, antidepressants, treatments for immune disorders and thyroid problems, and medicines that lower blood pressure or cholesterol. Using horny goat weed with nitroglycerin can be extremely dangerous. Similar to its use with pharmaceutical erectile dysfunction medicines, mixing nitroglycerin with horny goat weed can even be fatal due to the potential for severe drops in blood pressure.

Given the possible risks, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and children should not take horny goat weed.

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